Where to Prioritise your Effort When it Comes to Weight Loss

Too often I see people placing a huge amount of focus on the least important things when it comes to Fat Loss.

Too much focus is placed on quick fixes, supplements such as fat burners and the amount of calories burnt on your Fitbit (Quick Tip - these figures can be out by 30-95% so are not a great indication of how many calories you have 'actually' burnt)

So, what exactly SHOULD you be focusing on during a fat loss phase.....

  1. Sustainability and Adherence - It is very important that you can stick to whatever diet or program you choose to follow to lose body fat, not just for a few days or a week but that you can see yourself continuing with it long term. We need to think about, not only the initial weight loss journey but also the maintenance phase to ensure that we can maintain your the weight loss long term

  2. Calorie Deficit - To lose body fat you must be in a calorie deficit; that is, the calories you consume is less than the calories you burn

  3. Stress and Sleep - Your recovery is just as important, as the work itself. If you are not getting adequate sleep or are unable to manage your stress levels, this will have a massive impact on your results and performance.

  4. Protein and Fibre - Protein and fibre have many benefits but they also help with satiety (feeling full and staying fuller for longer) This is especially important when in a calorie deficit. Protein will also assist with maintaining muscle mass whilst losing body fat.

When your goal is to lose body fat; take the time to build your foundations first. A slow and steady fat loss has a much higher chance of being a long term fat loss than a quick fix. Whatever you choose to implement when losing weight; ask yourself

"Can I see myself doing this in 12 months time"

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