What to Do if You Overeat....

You know the feeling....You have said to yourself "I cannot possible fit in one more bite".....but out comes dessert and it's your favourite....

Apple Crumble and Ice-cream (YUMMO)

How can you say no?

Despite starting to feel ill from having a larger than normal main meal - you manage to squeeze your entire serving of dessert in. Because dessert goes to another stomach right....

You now feel absolutely stuffed and awful. Your tummy hurts so you have to unbutton your jeans for the drive home.....if only you had worn your stretchy pants....

We all know that feeling, we are all human and I am yet to hear of someone who has never been to this point!

So the question is.....what do you do now?

Quiet often we will hear the saying "I will work it off in the gym tomorrow" BUT it is important to be aware that:

  • You cannot out-train a 'bad' diet and

  • This can become a very negative mindset and you may start to use exercise as a means of punishment rather than for enjoyment and for the health benefits

If you found yourself in a position where you have overeaten, I suggest taking the following steps:

  1. Eat again when you are hungry - Start listening to your body and your hunger cues. Do not punish yourself from overeating by starving yourself. Focus on protein and fibre intake for your next meal and ensure portion control.

  2. Go for a light walk - This is not intense exercise and should not be aimed at 'burning off' extra calories consumed. Walking can aid with digestion but can also help improve your mood if you are feeling down on yourself.

  3. Forgive yourself - This is possibly one of the most important steps. One instance of overeating will not make or break your health. Acknowledge that you overeat, evaluate what steps you could do next time to reduce the possibility of overeating and move on.


If you go off track- apply the two day rule.

That is; if you slip up, don't let it go any longer than one day. Ensure that healthy habits are not skipped two days in a row. Get back on track for the next day!

The most important thing is to NOT let guilt control what you do next. Avoid punishing yourself - forgive and get right back on track.

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