What may be affecting your scale weight....

Are you getting caught up in the number on the scales?

How many times have you hopped on the scales and then felt like throwing your hands in the air and giving up on your health and fitness journey because you have worked your ass off and the scales haven't budged or worse....they have gone up?

The thing is.....scale weight is not just a reflection of your body fat. Most people assume if the scale goes up; they have increased body fat and if the scales go down they have decreased body fat.


There are so many factors that contribute to 'weight gain' or 'weight loss' in regards to the numbers on the scales.

Some factors that may contribute to the number on the scales include:

  • You're dehydrated

  • You ate later at night or a bigger meal than usual

  • You haven't been to the bathroom or have irregular bowel movements

  • You're hormones are fluctuating (common in females around mensuration)

  • You weighed yourself at a different time

  • Higher sodium intake

  • Increased stress

If you are weighing yourself on a regular basis; aim to be consistent. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, using the same set of scales, after going to the bathroom, prior to consumption of any food and drinks and undressed. By keeping the conditions as consistent as possible you will have higher accuracy.

Also remember, there are other ways to measure your progress including:

  • how you are feeling and your mood

  • how your clothes fit and/or girth measurements

  • progress photos

  • progress in the gym

  • sleep and stress levels

  • overall relationship with food

The most important thing to remember is the that number on the scales do not define your worth, nor will seeing a particular number on the scales make you happy. True happiness comes within!

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