Weekend Sabotage

Do you feel like you are on track with your diet plan but not getting results?

Do you track your entire weekly intake but relax a little on the weekends?

Are you super strict during the week SO that you can 'eat whatever you want' as soon as you hit 5pm on a Friday night?

Do you feel like you are forever 'starting on a Monday'?

If so, maybe your weekends are sabotaging your results...

In the example above you can see how ones results can easily be affected by a weekend binge.

The Good NEWS

Now I am not saying that you can't enjoy yourself - but in order to get results you can allow yourself to enjoy all the foods in a controlled manner.

Here are some things that you can do to stop the weekends from ruining your progress:

  1. Stop being so strict during the week aka remain flexible - Aim to stick to the 80:20 rule ie. eating nutritious foods 80% of the time and 'FUN' foods 20% of the time. If you find yourself craving a specific food, more often than not you are better to have a small amount to curb the craving rather than fight it off and binge when your willpower is feeling weak

  2. If you know you are going out on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks factor it into your day and eat lighter meals for breakfast and lunch

  3. Try pushing your breakfast an hour or so later - This can help reduce snacking if you eat your meals within a shorter hour window throughout the day

  4. Have 'back up' prepared meals in your freezer for the weekend

  5. If you track your daily intake continue to do so on weekends - If tracking you can also build MORE flexibility into your diet by reducing your total calorie intake on weekdays and increasing your weekend intake ie. consume 150cals less per day on a Monday - Friday and increase your calories by 750 in total over the weekend

  6. Avoid using food as a reward - Do not use the weekend to 'reward yourself' for working hard throughout the week (this becomes a vicious cycle and where you are forever 'starting again on Monday')

  7. Know that you will be allowed to eat these foods again - We don't need to eat ALL the 'fun' foods in one day

What do you do if you find yourself on a Sunday night after a weekend binge?

If you do binge over a weekend, don't punish yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Aim to implement some of the tips above for the following weekend.

And most importantly don't starve yourself or be super strict to try to 'make up' for the binge - restrictive eating is possible a contribution to the weekend binge in the first place!

Allow flexibility in your diet - Consistency NOT Perfection is Key!
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