The Perfect Day....

Imagine what it would be like to have the 'perfect day' when it comes to health and fitness.....what would it look like??

Let's be honest - there is no such thing as perfect. But there are certain things that we can do to look after our health on a daily basis.

So here are our TOP rules to creating a 'Perfect-ish' Day!

RULE # 1

Make your bed; if you make your bed every morning you have started your day with accomplishing a task.

"If you want to change the world, start by making your bed" ~ William H. McRaven

RULE # 2

Set your intentions; focus on your goals for the day. Set out what you would like to accomplish.

RULE # 3

Plants and Protein; ensure that your main meals are built with the foundations of plants and protein!

RULE # 4

Hydrate; ensure you drink plenty of water aiming for 2-3L per day!

RULE # 5

Workout; release the endorphins with a daily workout! We all know that exercise usually makes us feel good!

RULE # 6

Rest and Relax; take some time in the afternoon/night time to switch off! Steer away from technology and do something that truely helps your relax ready for a good nights sleep,

What does your perfect day look like; when it comes to health and fitness?

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