The Diet Mentality

What is a diet mentality?

Diet Mentality is the "constant awareness of food and the impact we believe it will have on our bodies — and therefore attaching a moral code to certain foods"

Do you label foods as 'GOOD' or 'BAD'?

When we label foods we are placing a moral judgement based on our own rules or beliefs, not facts. You might label bread as 'BAD' yet others might say its part of their 'GOOD' food diet.

When we label foods 'good' and 'bad' not only do we define our self worth by the foods we eat, we also make them more desirable - we crave what "we can't have"

The fact is, our bodies do not understand food as 'good' or 'bad' - it recognises the macronutrient content of food which all have corresponding caloric value. All foods; regardless whether you label them 'good' or 'bad' are made up of macronutrients and therefore have calories.

The only 'BAD' foods are those that you are allergic or have an intolerance to!

To assist in rejecting the diet mentality of good and bad foods try the following:

  • Incorporate some of your favourite foods in moderation into your diet; deprivation often causes bingeing

  • Change your language - If you find yourself labelling a certain food as 'bad' find a way to change your language to remove the negative connotation with that food ie. 'fun' food

  • Find an eating style that works for you; that helps you move in the direction of your goals but does not define you nor create heavy restrictions and most importantly one that is sustainable for the long term

"Free yourself from the diet mentality to create space for a healthy relationship with food and your body"
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