The Benefits of Flexible Dieting

First things, first.....What is flexible Dieting?

Flexible dieting is simply the counting and tracking of calories and macronutrients to achieve a body composition goal.  It is personalised to the individual based on their current total daily energy expenditure and dieting history. 

A misconception of flexible dieting is that you can ‘eat whatever you want when you want’ but it is actually an overall lifestyle change - it encourages the 80/20 rule. 80% of your diet should be filled with nutrient dense foods whilst up to 20% of your total intake can include FUN foods!

Some of the benefits of flexible dieting include:

  • Flexible dieting can allow for a better relationship with food by removing restrictions and negative associations with certain food groups or types of foods

  • You can still have a social life whist implementing flexible dieting - You can simply make adjustments to your consumption for the day to include and make allowance for a social outing

  • You can eat when you want - You can create the diet that suits your preferences. If you prefer 3 meals a day; you can have 3. If your preference is 6; you can have 6. Meal timing and frequency is irrelevant.

  • You can eat what you want - Food should be both for health and enjoyment. You can factor 'fun' foods or cravings into your day without effecting your results.

Flexible dieting is lifestyle - not a fad diet. It allows you to find a balance between the foods that are good for your health and the foods that are good for your soul! 

At Empire Strength Co. we teach the principles of Flexible Dieting as part of the Empire 8 Week Transformation Challenge.

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