The Beginners Guide to Meal Preparation

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

What is all the fuss about #mealprepsundays?

Meal prepping is popular within the fitness industry as it gives you the convenience of healthy food, prepared meals to 'grab and go'. It can also assist with portion size as meals are usually measured out into individual serving sizes.

Not only can meal prep help you adhere to a diet, it also can help you save money (less waste) and save time (cooking bulk meals rather than individual meals each day).

Interested in meal prep but unsure where to start? Here are some of my top tips to nailing your weekly meal prep!

  • Looking ahead at your weekly schedule and see what is happening? Is there anything that may create nutrition challenges?

  • Meal/Menu planning - Create a general menu for at least the next few days ahead 

  • Before heading to the grocery store, write a shopping list including all ingredients required for your menu

  • Pick a meal prep day - this day should suit your lifestyle and commitments to ensure that you have enough time

  • Prepare as much as possible in advance including washing, peeling and cutting up fruit and vegetables 

  • Cook entire meals in bulk and storing in single serves (these can be then frozen or placed in the fridge)

  • Sorting any 'bulk' bought foods into single servings

  • Cooking or preparing protein in advance (e.g cooking some chicken breast in advance to use in salads for lunches)

  • Keep some healthy and convenient staples on hand. Life will not always go to plan so try to always have some quick grab and go options or quick-prep foods. Examples include: frozen vegetables, pre-cut fruits or vegetables, microwave rice, tinned tuna or salmon.

The benefits of meal prepping is well worth the initial time and effort. Keep it simple and enjoy the process!

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