The All or Nothing Approach

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to diet and fitness? Do you 'give up' or feel as though you have failed if you are all but perfect? You may have a bad case of the all or nothing approach.

The All or Nothing Approach is thinking that anything less than 'perfect' is perceived as failure.

It is often associated with the thoughts of 'quitting' if you feel like you are not achieving perfect, trying to compensate something perceived as 'bad' with 'good' or the 'Ill start again on Monday' mentality.

Why does the all or nothing approach not work?

Because life happens....things are not always going to go to plan regardless how much planning or meal prep that you have put in place; you might get sick and miss a workout, an unforeseen event happens, you get injured or your work schedule changes.

We must have flexibility within our health and fitness and we must be able to adapt. Aiming for perfection will not allow for this flexibility.

If things don't go to plan and you did not reach 'perfection' turn your focus on what you did do well and what you may have accomplished.

Remember: Results will come with consistency; you just have to learn to not give up. The 'ALL or NOTHING approach' does not work! 

You do not have to eat perfectly and exercise everyday to get results.

In fact, consistency is key.

This means that if you move your body regularly and eat well most of the time that you will get much better results then trying to be 'Perfect'. If you have a meal, a day or even a week that you are kicking yourself over; learn to forgive yourself and move on. The most important thing is to NOT let guilt control what you do next. Avoid punishing yourself - forgive and get right back on track. 

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