Social Occassion Calorie Control

The dreaded social event......

When 'dieting' it is common to dread social occasions or worse; avoid them all together. But there are some simple strategies you can implement to reduce your calorie intake.

Here are some tips to help minimise your calorie intake whilst at social events:

  1. Alcohol - Choose lower calorie alcohol options such as light beer, diet mixers or elect to be the designated driver

  2. BYO - If you are not hosting the social event yourself and it is acceptable to do so, you can contribute to the food by bringing your own plate to share. Make your own salad or platter

  3. Stick to the Basics - Fill your plate with protein and plants first. And then fill the rest with the food that you enjoy

  4. Pause - Take time to be aware of how you are feeling. Before going back for seconds take a minute to pause....are you hungry? or Satisfied?

A little reminder: You can have all the foods in the world; you just don't have to have it all at once.

The Big Picture

Social events are part of life; they are made to be enjoyed and are times where we are likely to make special memories throughout our lives. At the end of the day; even if you over consume calories there is no reason to give up! Don't let yourself sit in guilt; don't beat yourself up over it. Forgive and aim to get back on track with your healthy habits the following day, not letting the habits from the day before linger.

It is not what you do for ONE day that impacts your long term results; it is what you do on a consistent basis that impacts your long term results.

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