How to Hit 10k Steps per Day

Ten thousand steps a day is the general recommendation for adults for general health and daily movement. Although there is never a one size fits all for fitness; if you are currently performing less than 10,000 steps per day - then 10k is a good goal to work towards.

If you work a sedentary job, chances are you have to be more mindful of moving more to reach your step target.

Here are 9 simple steps to increase your step count:

  1. Walk instead of drive - If you can't walk; park further away from your destination

  2. Walk between errands - Rather than driving everywhere; park in a central location and walk to perform your jobs

  3. Make multiple trips - Rather than busting yourself and piling everything into your arms at once; perform multiple trips with items such as groceries

  4. Take the stairs - Instead of the elevator; take the stairs

  5. Walk or Pace whilst making phone calls - These days with most calls being made on mobile phones; use it as an opportunity to move more

  6. Do your chores - Mopping, Vacuuming and gardening can all help contribute to your total daily steps

  7. Go on a 'walking date' - Instead of meeting friend at a cafe; grab a takeaway coffee and go for a walk

  8. Have a walking buddy - having someone to walk with on a regular basis can increase motivation and keep you accountable

  9. Make moving fun - Walk the dogs or take your children around the park

Small changes will make a big difference. Think of ways you can add a few extra steps throughout your day!

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