Health Conscious Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be daunting and even with good intentions, this can often be the place that brings you unstuck when trying to eat healthy. Here are some top tips when heading to your local grocery store. 

1. Plan ahead – before you step foot in the grocery store, be prepared! Plan your meals for the week ahead and create a shopping list to shop from.

2. Don't shop hungry – Do not go to the grocery shop on an empty stomach, this will more than likely result in you buying something thats not on your shopping list and quite often will result in eating something high in sugar and fat. If you are hungry have a small snack before you hit the shops.

3. Use the facts – make sure you read the label's and nutritional panels on ALL packaged food. Become aware of not only what the foods you are consuming contain but also how many serving sizes, calories and the macronutrients they contain

4. Practice the perimeter – Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy are usually kept around the perimeter of the store whilst processed and pre-packaged foods are normally kept in the aisles. 

5. Be wary of bargains – Don't get sucked into offers such as “2 for the price of 1” especially when it is something you don't need. Avoiding these will save a few unnecessary spent dollars as well as extra calories in your diet.

6. Avoid big boxes – Buying food in bulk may be better value and convenience, but research shows you'll eat much more from a large package than a smaller one. So avoid buying large quantities of any ready to eat food, or if you buy them in bulk, divide them into small snack sized portions as soon as you get home. Then you can grab them quickly as a snack, but avoid over eating.

7. Money well spent – Convenience is often worth the extra cost if you do not have time to prepare. This can include pre-cut fruit or veg, stir in herbs and spices, tinned tuna or salmon, frozen fruit and vegetables and single serves of items such as rice, yogurt and pre-made salads. 

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