Creating Healthy Habits

Creating NEW healthy habits can be an effective way to improve your health. Quiet often you will hear the saying 'it takes 21days to create a habit' however this is a bit of a myth.

So, how long does it take to create a habit??

The number of days it takes to create a new habit varies from person to person. So how do you know when you have created a new habit??? The answer is - when it feels automatic!

Think of a habit like brushing your teeth - you (hopefully) automatically clean them in the morning and at night without even thinking about it. This is because as a child this habit was formed.

Our Top 3 Tips for creating a NEW Healthy Habit are:

  1. Make it daily - Consistency is key. Doing something on a daily basis can help make the habit stick

  2. Remind yourself - Place reminders to execute your habit each day. It may be simply setting a reminder on your phone, popping a post-it note on your fridge or placing something out that will help trigger your memory

  3. Keep it simple - Start small if you need to! If you habit was to drink 3L of water per day but you currently drink 250ml, aim on slowly increasing your intake rather than trying to consume the 3L straight away. An example would be to aim to drink 1 x glass of water with every meal to start off

As with all habits, we must remember that it isn't an all or nothing approach - if you miss a day or simply aim to get back on track!

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