Controlling your Calorie Intake without Tracking

Although tracking can be a super helpful tool when trying to reduce calorie intake, there are other strategies you can implement to assist in decrease your calorie intake.

Some strategies include:

  • Using small plates - Using smaller plates can help to reduce portion sizes and therefore decrease calories consumed

  • Smart Swaps - Swap higher calorie foods and drinks with lower calorie alternatives e.g swapping fizzy drinks for diet varieties

  • Protein - Ensure that you consume adequate protein by including a palm sizes protein portion with every meal and a protein source with each snack

  • Practise Mindful Eating - Eating slower and without distractions can assist in helping you tune in to your internal hunger and satiety cues

  • Consume Plenty of Fruit and Vegetables - Aim for approximately 1-2 x serving of fruit (150g) and 3-5 x servings of vegetables (min. 75g per serve) per day. Not only does this ensure you consume a range of vitamins and minerals but can also help with satiety.

  • Make time for Quality Sleep and Stress Management - Sleep and stress can have a huge impact on your food choices and ability to control your eating behaviours. Lack of sleep and increased stress can increase hunger and cravings

These small changes can make a big difference when implemented everyday.

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