Burn and Earn

Do you workout to 'earn' or 'burn off' your food?

Do you often say "I can have some chocolate because I worked out today" or "I shouldn't have dessert because I didn't go to the gym today"?

This is the burn and earn mentality - where you believe that you can 'treat' yourself because you have earned it or you use exercise as a punishment for eating certain foods.

The reality is - exercise is only a small portion of your total daily energy expenditure (total energy burnt for the day) In fact, it accounts for approximately 10% of the energy we burn on a daily basis. A very small amount to base a decision on whether we have 'earned' something or not.

It is important that we are able to build a positive relationship with food where foods are no longer labeled as good nor bad. Food is not only to fuel our body but can be the basis of huge moments within our lives. Food often can be social and used to celebrate important moments; such as a birthday cake. Deprivation more often then not, can often lead into bingeing therefore it is important to allow 'fun' foods into your diet in moderation.

In regards to exercise; if you are working out to give yourself permission to eat food or to burn off food - it is important to take a deeper dive into your relationship with food and exercise.

If you find these earn and burn thoughts creeping in; it is important to start taking notice of these thoughts and in time; challenge them. Start thinking of the real reason of 'WHY' you exercise.

Does it make you feel good? Is it good for your body? Do you feel stronger? Does it help make day to day life easier? Does it help you keep up with your kids? Do you enjoy the social aspect of exercising with others?

Develop a list of healthy and positive reasons as to why you exercise and allow yourself a diet with 80% of the foods you consume being nutrient dense and 20% being 'fun' foods - you don't have to 'earn' it through exercise - you can enjoy it via moderation.

To learn more about building a positive relationship with food and following a flexible diet - enquire about our next 8 Week Transformation Challenge.

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