Be Accountable for Success

Accountability for most of us is the key to long term success. Losing body fat, gaining muscle mass and improving your fitness takes a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to get to where you want to be. Accountability can help you stick to your plan and therefore helping you to reach your goal.

"Accountability; the glue that ties commitment to the result"

Here are some tricks and tools that can help you maintain accountability to the person that really matters....YOU!

Track your Progress – Tracking your progress on a regular basis via our InBody Scan and photos can help you visually see your progress, which can help keep you motivated to stick to your plans. It will also keep you honest. If you are not exercising regularly and eating in a calorie deficit, you will not see results. 

Use a food diary – A food diary can be used in various ways, you can write down food as you eat it during the day or one way to make you more accountable is to write down what you plan to eat before you eat it, not after. This increase your awareness more and makes you think twice about a food before you eat it. You can do this in a book or using a free App such as MyFitnessPal. 

Know your 'Why' – Holding yourself accountable means having a very clear reason as to why this goal is important to you. Keep your 'why' on top of your mind when working towards your goals. 

Join a 'Challenge' – Challenges can help keep you accountable by having extra support, regular check ins and being surrounded by people with similar goals. It can also help create some extra extrinsic motivation if there is a prize on the line. At Empire Strength Co. we have set a date for our very first 8 Week Challenge....Keep an eye on our NEWS for more information. 

Have a schedule and commit – Schedule in your workouts in advance. Look at the week coming up and see what commitments you already have. Book your classes one week in advance and put them in your calendar!

Make it public – If you feel comfortable make your fitness journey public. When you make it public, you will feel more responsible to meet your goal. Tell your family or friends. You can tell them your goals or how many times per week you plan to exercise.

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