9 'Outrageous' Wellness Claims

Today, I thought we could have a little fun and explore some of the most outrageous wellness claims and let me tell you - did I have a few laughs along the way whilst creating this list....

From shots of oxygen....because apparently breathing isn't enough; to coffee enemas, I think we have seen it all. If you have a problem, there is definitely someone with some weird and wacky 'solution'!

So, without further ado; here is our Top 9 Outrageous 'Wellness' Claims:

  1. Eat 5 Almonds a day to avoid cancer

  2. Eggplant juice aids weight loss - Mixing eggplant with water and a squeeze of lemon is claimed to help you reduce your weight drastically

  3. The Purple diet - Where you are only allowed to eat foods of the colour (you guessed it 😉) PURPLE!

  4. The Potato diet - Another diet where you are a little more restricted to eating..... ONLY potatoes. No condiments. No oils. No toppings - just plain cooked potatoes for 3-5 days to lose weight FAST.

  5. Pants that make you sweat (more) - some claiming that you can lose up to two dress sizes in two weeks if you wear them during the day, whilst working out and at night. I am not sure about you but I think if I wore pants that made me sweat more than I would love to at least be able to wash them!

  6. Tea-Toxes - I can almost guarantee that you have seen a social media 'influencer' flaunting their flatter tummy and slimming frame from their detox tea. (Piece of advice: There are NO quick fix magic weight loss pills, teas or drinks; save your money and learn how to enjoy food whilst losing weight in a sustainable and long lasting way!)

  7. Sunscreen Pills?? 😊 Doesn't even sound safe....

  8. Corset aka waist trainers - These corsets are designed for you to wear throughout the day and claim to give you that hourglass figure you have always wanted. Some suggest that you wear the corset for 8-10 hours per day for a period of 8 weeks for optimal results. Don't 'waist' your money (see what I did there 😂) You may feel slightly slimmer whilst wearing it but you will not have sustainable long term results.

  9. Celery Juice - Whilst I don't think that this is completely 'outrageous', it is important to be aware that very few studies have actually investigated the benefits and proved the long term health benefits of celery juice. Whilst celery is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is important to be aware that the many health claims of a daily celery juice may or may not be actually true. BUT if you enjoy a morning celery juice helps kick start your morning and makes you feel good....YOU DO YOU, BOO! It probably isn't going to cause any harm. On the other hand, if you hate the taste, I wouldn't suggest forcing it down your throat whilst pinching your nose!

Now, you're probably thinking 'who in their right mind would even try that' and maybe there may be one or two you have tried yourself. And that is OK. We all get suckered in to the advertising and claims at time BUT I think the saddest and most frustrating part of this entire list (plus many more) is they prey on your insecurities. They promise to get results to you when you are feeling vulnerable all whilst making thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.

They find someones pain and offer false claims (often without ANY proper scientific evidence) as a solution to your pain. In the long-term when we don't get those promised results or maybe we get quick results but they are short lived or worst case we end up where we started once we 'stop' and we are left to start all over again.

Don't fall for the quick fixes - health, fitness and weight loss takes time. Do you research, ask yourself if it is sustainable (can you see yourself doing *this* in 12 months time), seek an opinion from a doctor and if it sounds too good to be true? It probably is!

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