5 Tips to Improving Your Fitness

Do you want to improve your fitness? Here are our 5 top tips for improving your overall fitness!

  1. Consistency - In order to improve anything; you need to be consistent. Choose a realistic amount of time to commit to training each and every week and stick to it! Too often I see people commit to training for hours on end at the beginning of their fitness journey only to dwindle off once they loose their motivation and enthusiasm. Think LONG TERM and how often you can see yourself training down the track. For most people I recommend 3 x per week (45-60min sessions) assuming this fits into their lifestyle

  2. Progressive Overload - The principle of progressive overload is to continually increase weights, frequency or number of repetitions during a strength training program

  3. Lifestyle Factors - Our lifestyle can affect or energy levels and therefore your efforts in the gym therefore it is important to look at your entire health and lifestyle such as nutrition, sleep, stress and hydration

  4. Hire a Coach - A good coach can help guide you through exercises, programming and technique to ensure that you are doing the exercises safety and correctly. They can also help you build confidence in pushing yourself and increase accountability

  5. Have Fun - When you find something you enjoy you are more likely to stick to it!

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