5 Reasons you are not Getting Results

Do you feel like you are not getting the results you deserve? Do you feel like you are putting in all the hard work but don't have the results to show for it?

Here are 5 reasons as to WHY you might not be getting results....

  1. You are super strict with your diet and exercise Monday to Friday but 'let your hair down' for the weekend - Regardless how 'good' you are during the week, if you binge over the weekend there is a high chance that you are undoing your hard work during the week

  2. You were looking for a quick fix - We all would like results YESTERDAY, but it is important to be patient. Results take time and will not happen over night.

  3. You are not increasing your weights - When performing resistance training it is important that you are increasing your weights to build muscle. Even if fat loss is your goal, the more muscle mass you have the more energy your body will burn.

  4. Your consuming more than what you think - Quiet often we are consuming much more than we realise. That little bite here and taste there all add up over a week. We also need to be aware of any sauces, oils and flavours that we are adding to our foods. Some of these can be calorie dense and if you are not accounting for them, you could be consuming much more than what you think.

  5. You are not consistent - Health and fitness is not an 'on' / 'off' switch. Often we see people who pursue the all or nothing approach, where they aim to be perfect and if they are not....they 'start again on Monday'. Results do not come from perfection, results come from consistency ie. what we do most of the time!

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