To ensure the safety of your children and others we ask that you follow our policies and procedures listed below. 

  1. Any children that enter the facility remain the responsibility of the parent/care giver at all times 

  2. If your child is sick please do not bring them into the studio

  3. Children under the age of 1 must remain in their prams on the gym floor at all times

  4. Children over the age of 1 must remain within the children's area at all times. This includes before and after classes. If your child needs to use the bathroom during/before or after a class it is the parents responsibility to escort their child to the bathroom

  5. Children are not to use or touch any equipment within the gym at any time including to and from the children's area

  6. At no point should food or drinks other than water enter the children's area due to the risk of children with severe allergies

  7. If you child becomes disruptive or distressed during the class, it is the parents/care givers responsibility to attend their child immediately 

  8. Please ensure that your Childs belongings are taken with you upon leaving and that the children's area is returned to how you found it. 

Please Note: If any of the above rules are violated; members may no longer have the privilege of access to the children's area. 


To avoid disappointment ALL children must be booked in via our booking app (Glofox) prior to arriving at the studio. We currently have a limit of 6 children within the room at any one time. 

**Please Note: - Children under the age of ONE do not need to be booked into the children's room nor do children during the 5am or 6am class at this stage**

To set up your children within your account please log Into your app and proceed with the following instructions: 

  1. The parent/guardian will need to log in to their account on the app or register to create a new account

  2. They will then go to their profile page and click 'My Family'

  3. Click on the 'My Family' tab

  4. Click on 'Add a child account'

  5. Fill in the Child's details and click 'Create Account' 

The Empire Children's area will be visible via the timetable under 'CLASSES'.

To Book: 

  1. Click on your profile 

  2. Select 'Family Accounts' 

  3. Select Child's name 

  4. Continue booking procedure as per normal 

To return to YOUR account - select 'Stop' in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

To book any consecutive children - repeat process above.